Country Profile Assignment Worth 20 points

To culminate the information we have been studying in class and to gain perspective on a larger world view, students will research artists and arts education practices in foreign countries and then compare and contrast their findings with other students.

This assignment is comprised of three parts:
• Individual research and presentation – 10 points
• Group presentation – 5 points
• Individual responses to others work – 5 points

The presentations for this assignment will be created on line using a Wiki Space. See the tutorial information under the “tutorial” tab to the left of the page for how to make a Wiki Space.

Individual Research and Presentation - part 1

Students will research a foreign country’s arts education practices and prepare an online presentation including the following.

• Introduction
-Brief overview of selected country
-How their general view of arts education is reflective of their culture
• Profile of an accomplished artist.
-Brief biography of individual
-Give specific examples of their work.
• Profile of a successful arts organization
-Give a brief history
-Give specific examples of programs offered in schools and in the community
• Description of in school arts programs
-Describe how the arts are included or excluded from traditional K-12 schools
-Give specific examples of offerings or lack thereof
• Conclusion
-How does this compare to your own personal experiences with arts education?
-What surprised you in learning about this country’s practices?

Quotations and Citations

Outstanding work will include first hand quotes and material from primary sources. (Not Wikipedia.)
Provide a list of sources at the conclusion of your presentation.

Group Presentation - part 2

• Using your individual research compare and contrast your findings with others in the group.
-What ideas, practices, and approaches do the country’s share?
-Where are there differences?
-What surprised you about your comparisons?
• This can be done through creating an additional Wiki Space, by using Power Point, or something else you might find.
• Students will be assigned to a group – four or five to a group.

In addition to content, you will also be graded on:
• Effective use of resources
• Finished product is clean, neat, well organized and reflects a high degree of effort given to the work

Online Responses

Students are responsible for reviewing other presentations.

There are three discussion forums, accessible through the assignments folder, Country Presentation Discussions, on Angel. On the two days that you do not share your presentation review the other presentations and choose three that stood out to you. List these by student and country name and explain why you chose them.

More thoughtful comments that are truly reflective of the work presented will score higher. Comments like, “I liked your photos.” Or “Cool!” do not reflect the substance of the work and will score very low. Take time to reflect upon our course work and experiences and think about the work that others have done in comparison to your own. Refer to past readings and in class discussions, make thoughtful comments, pose critical questions, quote course material directly, and point out interesting observations.

Organization of Presentations

• Students will submit their four top choices of countries. From these, I will assign students their country of research. (You may only choose one European country to list.)
• Students will also be assigned their group members and the time their presentation is due.

Students will present their work and others will respond over the course of three lessons.
• June 21
• June 23
• June 25

On June 16, you will be given a full class period to work together on your group projects. Also, at this time we will have IT staff visiting class to give tips and answer questions on making Wiki Spaces.