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Egypt's Arts and Education

The Pyramids of Khufu (left) and Khafre on the Giza Plateau outside of Cairo. The former, also known as the Great Pyramid, is the largest of the pyramids and is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still extant.

The upper portion of an obelisk on view on the grounds of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
IntroductionEgypt is a country that has come from many wars, trial, and tribulations. It is a country that has survived the fall of 3 different dynasties in different time periods and is still a thriving country. Most of the people that live in Egypt today are Arab or African. They inhabit areas that are mostly built around the Nile river that fuels the country because it is dry desert all over the land of Egypt. Egypt is also a country that has been around for over 5,000 years and they take pride in there pharaonic heritage. Egyptians are a people that take there history serious, this is do to the fact that most of there history can still be seen to day in the form of art. Egypt is a country like no other country in the world. The first forms of art in Egypt came from the time frame of pharaonic rein. This was the age were the great pyramids were built and the Sphinx. The purpose behind the building of those, were that they are the tombs of past Pharaohs. The pyramids were not the Egyptians first form of art; the first form of art to them was hieroglyphics. This was a way for the Egyptian people to communicate to each other, the particular interesting thing is that the language is in picture form. These are just past examples of art, Egypt has modernized there art into surrealism, cubism, and abstraction which are all modern forms of art.Artist ProfileGhada AmerGhada Amer is a female painter that was born in Cairo in 1963, which is one of the more populated cities in Egypt. She now lives in New Your city and is continuing her work from the United States. What makes her an interesting artist is the fact that she uses thread for her paintings. Her work when she begins looks like a group of abstract lines just randomly sewn together. Her art is hardly that, it is a serious of thread through a picture that has been precisely put together to create something beautiful. One of her known pieces that was recognized world wide was the thread painting she did of a nude female. It was said to be so splendid that just looking at the painting, would make you think that an individual is looking at the real body of a woman. Organization ProfileGurdan Association for Art and DevelopmentThis is an organization that want's "to activate there artistic practice in the street with all its variables and to have more contact with all categories of the society." This organizaion is made up of visual artists, writers, photographers, movies makers, dramatists and musicians that all want to transform there society. They are a non-profit organization that wants to get the Egyptian artist the opportunity to share there art with the world. They are an organization that allows students in school to develop there own artistic talent. Gudran also allows anyone that is viewing the artistic work to participate. Gudran is an organization that does not look at society as just an audience, but as qualified members that have atistic potential. Gudran begain its artistic initiative in 2000, at a village in in El Max which is west of Alexandira Egypt. Gudran orignal purpose was to show case artiest who have isolated themselves. There purpose changed when the Eyptian society stoped being so active in the communites and stoped participating in extracuricular activities. Thats when Gudran changed to helping the Egyptian society as a whole and not just shy artists.
El Max were the organization was started
CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
The CELTA offers high level courses that are run by the British Council in Agouza and Cairo Egypt. It teaches Egyptian how to understand and properly speak English. The CELTA covers specific areas that allow Egyptians to complete understand the english language.

Areas of Study

Analysis of English grammar from a learners’ point of view

Ways of presenting and practising language

Ways of developing language skills


Correction techniques

Developing literacy skills

Lesson planning

Classroom management

Using video/tape/computers in a lesson
During the course there will be regular teaching practice where groups of trainees work with classes of students and gain experience teaching at different levels. Teaching practice is held daily and is followed by feedback, in which tutor and trainees comment on the content and success of the lesson as a whole. You will be assessed for six hours of teaching practice, which is divided into nine assessed lessons during the course.FundingThe funding in Egypt is not that great. Egypt is a very undeveloped country and the country does not have a lot of money. There are organizations that fund arts so that they may thrive. Some of the programs are the Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program (FLTA), which fund the teaching of foreign language in Egypt. Another grant program is Egyptian Student Program - Islamic Studies, which provides college students the opportunity to learn about the arts of Islam. The last grant opportunity is Egyptian Student Program, which allows students to study artistic works in the United States. These grants are in place because Egypt is such a undeveloped country and is so poorConclusionIn me reseaching this country it has made me a lot more greatful to be born in America. We are so fortunate to have arts in the U.S., most countries have to focus on generalized subjects such as Math, Science, and English. In Michigan we have our troubles such as cuting funding of arts, but in other countries they dont even have art programs to cut. Egypt is a very undeveloped country and to produce some of the magnifcent art that it has is amazing. We as a country could learn from less fortunate countries and gain a greater appreciation in the process. The surprising thing about Egypt is how old the country and how under developed it is. Also an interesting fact is that Egypt recieved its independence in 1922, with a country this old I thought it would of recieved its independence earlier.